Pre-employment Testing Helps Identify The Right Employees


Pre-employment testing is one of the most effective tools manufacturing companies have at their disposal. This helps the companies weed through the potential applicants waiting at their doorstep looking for a job. When tests are given before employment, it helps employers assess the pool of talent.

Testing is also one of the most important tools used to address the skills gap. Without testing, it could hurt the company in the long run. The insight it provides takes a look at the potential of the incoming applicants. With some key markers, it identifies productivity rate, potential to succeed,  and better completion of training,

This is important as a Deloitte study shares that a lot of manufacturing companies believe there is a shortage of skilled workers. So much so that there is a big possibility that the shortage would equate to almost a million workers every 10 years for the next two decades. This is because there are just not enough workers with the necessary training and skills to meet the modern demands of manufacturing companies.

This shortage also adversely affects the bottom line of companies. A recent Manufacturing Institute report explained how the talent shortage takes out about 11 percent from a company’s profit margin every year. Dollar for dollar, this comes out to about $3,000 for every employee. 

This is the reason why a lot of manufacturing companies prefer to put in pre-employment tests. With testing, it helps them identify the job candidates that would be best suited for their company. Moreover, it paints a picture of those who are able to learn quickly which is beneficial to the organization.

In a way, pre-employment testing helps give the companies a peek into a potential candidate’s aptitude to succeed. This can result in lowering the skills gap, lower turnover rate, and improve the company’s bottom line.

Alan D. Benson is the author of this article.

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